Minecraft: Education Edition comes to iPad next month

Eric Abent - Aug 20, 2018, 12:35pm CDT
Minecraft: Education Edition comes to iPad next month

Today, Microsoft announced that Minecraft: Education Edition will soon be available on a new platform. Roughly two years after first releasing, Minecraft: Education Edition is heading to iPad. This is a big move for Microsoft, because it means that teachers will no longer be limited to Windows 10 and macOS devices to run the game.

Another bonus, of course, is that a number of schools are already outfitted with iPads for their students, giving them a platform that’s immediately compatible with Minecraft: Education Edition. Schools that already have a Microsoft 365 for Education license (A3 or A5) will have access to Minecraft: Education Education edition when it launches at some point in September.

It sounds like the iPad version of Minecraft: Education Edition will have feature parity with the Windows 10 and macOS versions, as Microsoft announced today that it will support Update Aquatic at launch. Update Aquatic added a bunch of new blocks and items to most editions of Minecraft over the summer, including a variety of new fish and coral to give players a reason to explore underwater areas.

In the two years since Minecraft: Education Edition launched, it’s grown in popularity quickly. Microsoft revealed today that there’s 35 million Education Edition licenses in more than 115 countries around the world, and with the launch of iPad support, we’ll likely see that number climb higher.

Beyond Education Edition‘s launch on iPad, Microsoft also announced today that players on the Windows 10 and Xbox One versions of the standard game can now use the Chemistry Resource Pack. This was originally exclusive to the Education Edition, and it allows players to build lab tables and craft items through chemistry. It sounds like a nifty little addition to the standard game, and at the very least, it adds to the already long list of things to do in Minecraft.

Outside of the September release window Microsoft announced today, there’s no specific release date for Minecraft: Education Edition on iPad just yet. We’ll keep an ear to the ground for more, but teachers and schools anticipating this release can sign up for a license today by heading over to the Minecraft: Education Edition website.

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