Minecraft Dungeons revealed in new 45-minute gameplay preview

Mojang's upcoming Minecraft Dungeons has been delayed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but the game is still inbound and we finally have a good idea about what to expect. A new gameplay video shows the first 45-minutes of the upcoming title, giving fans a look at the dungeon crawler's graphics, interface, enemies, fighting style, complexity, and more.Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon crawler game, one that brings the general style we've come to expect from Minecraft paired with action-adventure gameplay. The company said on March 17 that its 'workflows will unfortunately be impacted' by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as many employees are now working from home.

Mojang said the team was 're-evaluating' the timeline for the game, meaning it may not arrive in April as originally planned. Despite that, the game is still happening and it will eventually be made available. Ahead of that comes a new video from Windows Central that shows the first 45-minutes of gameplay from the beta version of the game.

Thankfully, the video is completely devoid of commentary — it's simply gameplay and nothing more. Players start the game with a simple sword and bow, using them to vanquish creepers and skeletons. Destroying an enemy causes a gem to drop; there are also tasks that, when completed, unlock chests that have more loot.

As expected, players can increase the capabilities of their weapons by adding enchantments and other methods. Players will be able to accept new missions on the World Map, fight against bosses, and more. The title remains in a closed beta at this time, but fans can sign up for updates on the Minecraft Dungeons website.