Minecraft Dungeons first DLC is releasing very soon

Minecraft Dungeons has only been available for a month, but already it's time for the first DLC expansion to arrive. We're heading to the jungle with this first expansion, which is appropriately called Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens. The Jungle Awakens expansion is out next week too, so you don't even need to wait very long to play it.Jungle Awakens was actually first revealed shortly after Minecraft Dungeons was released, but at the time of that announcement, Mojang didn't have a release date to give us. That all changed today, with the company announcing a release date of July 1st.

Over on the Minecraft website, Mojang explains that Jungle Awakens will feature new mobs like the Leapleaf and Whisperer, along with a boss called the Jungle Abomination. There will be three new story missions to work your way through, along with the Lost Temple dungeon and a bunch of new weapons, armor, and artifacts to collect.

Jungle Awakens is included in the Minecraft Dungeons Hero Pass, which is included in the Hero Edition of the game or available as a standalone purchase for $9.99. Aside from Jungle Awakens, the Hero Pass nets you a Hero Cape, two skins, a chicken pet, and access to Minecraft Dungeons' second expansion, Creeping Winter, which hasn't really been detailed or dated yet.

So, if you're looking for more Minecraft Dungeons action, it looks like you're going to get it. Jungle Awakens will be available to everyone who owns the Hero Pass on Wednesday, July 1st – we'll keep an eye out for more details about the next expansion, so stay tuned for that.