Minecraft convention cancelled, organizers disappear with money

The organizers between a big unofficial conference set to take place in New York City in July seem to have pulled off a grand scam, despite their previous proclamation on Twitter of, "PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT A SCAM." The folks behind it cancelled the event at the last minute, promising refunds, only to disappear seemingly without a trace.

The convention was called Mineorama, and was set to take place from July 11 – 13. Many planning to attend had booked hotels and bought plane tickets, only for a surprise announcement to be made on July 7 that the event had been cancelled.

The convention was supposed to be postponed to a later date, and the official reason given was "financing fell through." On July 8, further information was said to be forthcoming, as well as details on how to proceed for a refund.

Those details did not emerge, however, and now over a month later, the Twitter account and website have both been shut down, with only the Facebook page remaining (but not updated since early July). The tickets for the event cost $150, and it was said that 3,600 of them had been sold.

VIA: Kotaku