Millennial Media December 2010 mobile market stats unveiled

Millennial Media tracks the mobile market to offer us all sorts of little details on the most popular devices, makers, and operating systems and the details are based on impressions for mobile ads generated online. The latest details offered from the metrics firm are for December 2010.

Apple continued to be the most popular device maker with 21% of the impressions on its devices for the month. Samsung was in the second spot, and HTC was in third place. One interesting fact was that on an individual device basis, Android devices held 16 of the top mobile device spots. The iPhone was number one, the Blackberry Curve was in the second spot, the iPod touch was third, HTC Nexus One was fourth and the Motorola Droid took fifth.

The OS mix showed that Android was tops with 46% of the impressions, iOS was second with 32% of all impressions, and RIM had third with 16% of all impressions. The Windows OS share of all impression was only 1%. Android surpassed iOS as the largest smartphone OS on the network for the first time in December with its 46%.

Via Android Community