Miglia's MiniBank Stackable with Airport Extreme N and Mac Mini

Looking for a visually appealing solution for adding an NAS drive to your Airport Extreme N? Maybe your heart desires additional storage for your Mac Mini; well Miglia has the solution for you.

Miglia's MiniBank has a similar form factor to both the Airport Extreme N and the Mac Mini, so similar it is even stackable. It comes in two sizes, 320GB and 500GB. Both sizes offer up 7200RPM HDD's and 3 each FireWire and USB ports as well as a quiet, fan-less operation.

They both come with a 2-year warranty as well and will cost you in between 2 and 3 hundred dollars depending on which size you go for. I've got to tell you, with the high number of Mac TV tuners being released and other Media Center functionality being integrated into the Mac world, the first thing that came to my mind was a Mac Mini with a few HD tuners and a few of these stacked underneath using an Apple TV or two as Media Extenders.

MiniBank storage for AirPort, Mac mini [via macnn]