Midwestern recalls more cat and dog food, this time over salmonella

Midwestern Pet Foods, the company behind the recent pet food recalls over aflatoxin, has announced another cat and dog food recall — this time over potential contamination with salmonella. The recall impacts several of the company's pet food brands, including Pro Pac Ultimates, Sportmix Wholesomes, Venture, Earthborn Holistic, and more.

The new recall covers brands of dog and cat food made at the company's Monmouth, Illinois, production facility, according to the recall notice, which was recently published by the FDA. The recalled products are potentially contaminated with salmonella and, as the company notes, may potentially infect humans who handle the food in addition to the pets.

Though some pets develop symptoms from salmonella infection like vomiting and fever, others can be carriers while remaining healthy. Infected pets, regardless of whether they're symptomatic, can spread salmonella to humans and other animals. Likewise, humans can become infected by touching surfaces that came into contact with contaminated pet food.

Fortunately, the company notes in its recall that it hasn't received any reports of illnesses in pets or humans related to this recall. Midwestern says the recalled brands were distributed across the US, including through online retailers, which have been advised to pull the products from sale.

If you own the recalled pet food, the company advises that you 'destroy the food in a way that children, pets and wildlife cannot access them.' Anything that came into contact with the food, including food dishes and storage containers, should be sanitized. Check out the FDA's recall page here for the full list of recalled products.