Midnight Club: Los Angeles announced for September

Grand Theft Auto IV might be one of the biggest gaming launches of the year, however, developer Rockstar Games has up its sleeve. They have just announced the launch date for Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

I'm sure that by September you'll be ready to move on to something other than GTA IV (for a little while at least). Luckily if you're still in the mood to drive around, you'll be able to pick up Midnight Club: Los Angeles for the PS3 or Xbox 360. Or perhaps if you're looking for something a little more portable, you can grab Midnight Club: LA Remix for the PSP.

If you're living in North America you'll be able to pick up your copy on September 9th, however, if you're in Europe you'll have to wait until September 12. For now I'll leave you with these awesome screenshots to drool over.