Microwave hacked into weapon, used to blow up a stereo

There are some things in this world you're better off not trying, and dismantling a microwave to make a stick-mounted weapon is probably one of them. Still, as with all things, someone somewhere will eventually try it, as was the case with the person(s) behind Kreosan.

Kreosan is the YouTube handle of a young Russian man who, featured in the video below, tore into a microwave's innards and transplanted them onto the end of a stick (in addition to what appears to be a can of soup, which seems to be used as an antenna).

According to the video description, "All actions are performed by professionals," and so viewers shouldn't try it at home, less they die. That aside, they (or perhaps just he) calls the invention a microwave cannon, which is made using the appliance's magnetron with a directional antenna.

Using this contraption, the people behind it demonstrate using the wand to light up bulbs, and more dramatically, to blow up a stereo. Needless to say, such efforts could kill you, but there's no harm in watching, so check out the video above to see it in action.

SOURCE: Gizmodo