Microtek announces a helluva lot of Plasmas

Microtek, a company that specializes in video products for consumers, has just announced two new lines of Plasmas, which include 4 different models in total. The Cineon line of Plasma TVs have a "piano-black" frame that is covered with gloss. There is a 42" and 50" version. The smaller version has one large base, while the 50" version has two legs.

The other line of Plasmas, simply called Mictrotek, cost $1,000 and $2,000 less, respectively. It comes in a silver-coloured finish, and the sizes are also 42" and 50". The two lines of Plasmas from the company can be compared to as the Macbook and the Macbook Pro line from Apple. The Cineon line seems to be for more professional users, while the Microtek line is for home users.

SlashGear will be trying out the TV sets at CES, so we will tell you what we think. Microtek's website has some more info.

Cineon Product Page [Via: Microtek]