Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 5G surprise may have just been spoiled

It's a big week for Microsoft, as the company is slated to host an event on September 22nd in which it will discuss Windows 11 and some upcoming devices. Microsoft didn't name the devices it will have on hand when it announced this event, but there's been plenty of speculation to make up for the lack of official details. We're expecting to hear more about incoming Surface devices, and one of the devices we're hoping to see is the Surface Duo 2.

We've heard various rumors and seen multiple leaks regarding the Surface Duo 2, so it certainly feels like we're headed toward a reveal. Today, we got to add another piece of evidence to the pile, as a filing for what seems to be the Surface Duo 2 has appeared at the FCC. As spotted by Windows Central, the FCC filing is light on details since Microsoft has requested confidentiality until January 2022. However, there are still some key takeaways from the information that remains publicly accessible.

Though the FCC documents never directly name the Surface Duo 2, the device is described as both a phone and a portable handset. Those documents also describe two different usage configurations for the device, saying, "one is with screen open and one is with screen closed." So even without explicit confirmation that this is the Surface Duo 2, that description makes it pretty clear what we're talking about.

The FCC documents also confirm that the Surface Duo 2 will support WiFi 6, 5G (with specific references to mmWave and Qualcomm antennas to boot), NFC, and UWB. In addition, the documents suggest that the phone will support wireless charging, though Windows Central notes that the phone itself likely won't support Qi wireless charging. Instead, Windows Central expects that the Surface Duo 2 will be able to charge accessories wirelessly, such as the Surface Pen.

While there isn't a ton we can glean from these FCC documents thanks to Microsoft's confidentiality request, a pass through the FCC like this does suggest that the reveal of the Surface Duo 2 is imminent. We should find out more on the 22nd, so check back later this week for all you need to know from Microsoft's big event.