Microsoft's Bing Lasso Beats Apple's Copy And Paste Feature

Microsoft released today an update for its Bing for iPad app that introduced the company's own version of copy and paste. The feature is dubbed "Lasso" and is used to automatically copy and paste a free-hand drawn selection of text for search. It replaces Apple's built-in copy and paste method when using the Bing for iPad app.

Apple's current method for copying and pasting to search requires multiple steps. First, you have to press down on the text you want to select until a selection tool pops up at which point you must then drag each end to highlight the entire portion you wish to copy. Once copied, you have to paste it into the search box.

Microsoft's solution is surprisingly much less painstaking and lets you freely draw a lasso around the text that you want to select. It then automatically triggers a quick search from what you've selected. Bing group program manager Tony Chor says that this new method saves you up to nine steps when compared to using Apple's method.

[via Bing Blog]