Microsoft Zune HD Pamphlet Shows Off HD Movies In Marketplace

The Zune Software is populated with many a great thing. From television shows, to podcasts, there's generally something for everyone. Of course, you can't expect any less from today's online marketplaces, now can you? And while many people were wondering why the Xbox 360 would be getting HD movies (via the upcoming update) before the Zune itself, those worries are now being addressed. And let's just say, the console isn't getting all the love.

If this pamphlet uploaded by BostonPocketPC writer Steven Hughes is to be believed, HD movies are well on their way to gracing the new Zune Software, among other things that are already there and able to be snatched up right now. The pamphlet was handed out during the Best Buy demos, so there's no real reason to think this thing is made up. Besides, we already know for sure that the Xbox 360 is getting HD movies, so it's only a logical step to include it for the Zune itself, especially considering what's coming.

So it's about time. Is it too late in the game to care? Not at all. Even if the Zune HD wasn't coming out, the Zune Software is still an engrossing experience, which far succeeds anything iTunes can produce. Unless of course you hate finding new music. And let's not forget the Zune Pass. Either way, HD movies is a welcomed addition to the upcoming Zune 4.0 Software. Not just to wait a bit longer...