Microsoft Xbox 360 Makes Appearance on Amazon Germany

It's looking more and more like online retailers are letting the ball slip on these kinds of things; or maybe it's crafty marketing by the manufacturers, to get people enticed by early leaks and what not. We can't say for sure, and wouldn't that ruin the surprise? And let's face it, after days like today and the official price reduction of the current line of Xbox  360s, we need some more rumors and speculation. Thankfully, we've got Amazon Germany.

Amazon Germany outed the PlayStation 3 Slim a full 20 days before it was launched, and so it seems right on some kind of path that the next iteration of the Xbox 360 would find its way to their electronic pages. But is there any truth to it? If we're to believe what's shown, we can expect a 250GB hard drive, two wireless controllers, and Forza Motorsport 3. Price wise, it's listed at 247 euros, which equals about $397. Of course there isn't a release date to be found anywhere, but if we're going off game releases, then there won't be any signs of this until about October, unless Microsoft gets around to announcing something in the coming month.

To be honest, we're not sure what to make of this. Mostly because Microsoft seemed pretty overjoyed to be down to only two consoles, but that could be because they've got a new one on the way, with more than double the storage, plus extras. On the flip-side, it doesn't make much sense for Microsoft to put a new console on the market, for an additional $100, when the sweet spot at this point seems to be $299. Unless, of course, rumors about that 250GB PS3 Slim are true, and we're about to see a whole new leg of the console war heat up.

[via Engadget]