Microsoft Xbox 360 4GB Model Heading to Japan on September 9th

Evan Selleck - Aug 24, 2010
Microsoft Xbox 360 4GB Model Heading to Japan on September 9th

The 4GB version of the new Microsoft Xbox 360 is already available here in the states, and with its smaller interior hard drive, comes that cheaper price tag. Selling here for $199.99, the cheaper and smaller-spaced console is also not as shiny, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not attractive to those who don’t need the space, or want to drop that much cash at one time. With that being said, the smaller console is making its debut in Japan at the beginning of September, and it’s even bringing along with it something else, too.

The new console will sell for 19,800 yen, or about $235. Inside the box, you’ll find one wireless controller, the appropriate AV cables, and the standard AC adapter. There’s no mention of any other bundles being included, but we imagine that there will be some kind of Kinect bundle announced for that particular market eventually.

That little extra we talked about? Surprisingly enough, Microsoft also announced that the separate 250GB internal hard drive for the console will also be made available in Japan at the same time. It will retail for 15,540 yen, or $184. Obviously it makes more sense to just buy the 250GB console, but if you don’t really need the space then it makes sense to stick with the cheaper console.

[via Xbox Japan]

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