Microsoft working with Gyration for what might be a new motion sensitive Xbox 360 controller

So the Wii obviously has motion sensitivity, in facts that's just about the only way to play the system, and then there is the PS3 that has motion sensitivity even though its not used near as much as the Wii, that leaves the 360 as the only system without motion sensitivity. That's not entirely a bad thing as I would assume that leaving out the motion sensitivity makes it easier for game developers to make great games based on the same old standards that have worked for years.

But with motion sensitivity taking over the gaming world, developers are obviously going to be switching to designing games in that style, and the only way they could easily be ported over to the Xbox 360 is if it has motion sensitivity capabilities. So, now we have Microsoft working on a new gaming peripheral just for that purpose.

My question is, will integrating this new peripheral be as simple as a firmware update or will there be a hardware purchase required, other than the new controller obviously? Regardless, I can't wait to see what they come up with.

Microsoft contacts Gyration for 360 motion sensing solution [via arstechnica]