Microsoft Wireless Racing Wheel - Smoking may be bad for you

Microsoft's gaming division has this problem with heat. Apparently, everything they make likes to overheat. Okay, maybe not everything, but the Xbox 360 likes to heat up and give you the red ring of death, and now their Wireless Racing Wheel is also overheating.

Apparently the Wireless Racing Wheel has this tendency to heat up and smoke when it's being charged by the AC/DC power adapter. While there haven't been any reports of fire, personal injury or property damage, it's still pretty scary when your electronics start to smoke. If you have one of these, you should contact Microsoft for a retrofit plug. In the meantime, don't use your power adapter.

One can only imagine that the next generation of the Xbox is going to be outfitted with every possible cooling method possible. Consumers have put up with the issues through this generation, but you can bet your ass they'll start losing the fanboys if they screw it up again the next time around.

Microsoft fixing Xbox 360 smoking wheels [via joystiq]