Microsoft Wants Android devs to work on Windows Phone 7 apps too, offers "translation dictionary"

When it comes to developing apps for smartphones typical developers go with the most popular platforms, which are Android and iOS. Android developers are being encouraged to come develop their apps for Windows Phone 7 as well by Microsoft with a new development transition package called the Windows Phone guidance and API mapping tool that has been updated to include Android. The new package has two parts for Android devs.

One part is the Android to Windows Phone API Mapping tool. This is like a translation dictionary according to Microsoft. The mapping tool takes the Android code that devs are familiar with and maps it to similar code for Windows Phone 7. The mapping tool is described as a great first step for developers looking to become fluent in WinPo 7 development. The kit also includes a white paper with 90 pages and seven chapters.

The white paper is called the Windows Phone 7 guide for Android Application Developers. Microsoft notes that the API mapping is ongoing and that not all functions will be in the tool. Microsoft is listening too and has opened the mapping tool up to comments allowing the devs to note on the tool when they find an error. Microsoft also hired a worker dubbed "App Guy" to surf forums and answer questions about porting Android apps to WinPo 7.

[via Android Community]