Microsoft wants 30% cut on Windows 8 Metro apps

Microsoft seems to be taking a page from Apple's iTunes business model, seeking a 30 percent cut for apps developed for its Windows 8 Metro UI. This cut, however, only applies to apps designed specifically for the Metro interface as opposed to apps made for the traditional Windows desktop interface.

Apps for the Windows 8 Store were originally thought to be free of any cuts on sales, but following a check on developer terms, the Windows Weekly podcast reports that only conventional apps get to dodge the 30 percent cut. Microsoft won't require apps to publish through its App Store, but being in the official channel would give apps more exposure.

Microsoft also seems open to key competitors writing apps for Windows 8 Metro. During the an analyst meeting this week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that his company would welcome Metro-native Amazon Kindle or Apple iTunes apps.

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[via Electronista]