Microsoft unveils new Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Studio Series

Shane McGlaun - Aug 26, 2010
Microsoft unveils new Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Studio Series

I often wonder how Microsoft and Logitech come up with the names of their new products. Take the new Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000, the name is long and don’t really roll off the tongue well. I always think that new Microsoft product names are best sung to the tune of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which will now be stuck in my head all day. See what I mean, Wireless Mobile Mouse Four Thouousuuuund. Through in some snarky comments and you have a late night TV show.

Anyway, the new mice from Microsoft have some interesting designs on them. The black and blue skull mouse design called Crania is perfect for the emo kids out there going back to school. The Pirouette is a pink design and downtown reminds me of the wallpaper in Subway restaurants. They are all nice looking though.

Microsoft also has a series of mice with colors that will only be offered at Best Buy. The mice are the same feature wise and come in a pink Botanic color that looks like flowers, Cosmic that is black and looks like constellation line charts, and Micro that reminds me of biology class. All of the mice have the BlueTrack laser, nano transceiver, 2.4GHz wireless tech, and promise ten months of use per set of batteries. The mice will sell for $39.95 and land in September. Check out the video below for the design process of the new Studio Series mice.

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