Microsoft Touts 400M Sales Of Windows 7, Admits To Dismal Sales Of Windows Phone 7

Microsoft kicked off their annual Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Los Angeles today. CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage for the opening keynote to boast the company's Windows 7 accomplishments and to discuss a variety of other Microsoft products, including XBox, Bing, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 7.

Almost 400 million licenses for the Windows 7 platform have been sold over the last twelve months. Ballmer proudly announced this number in contrast to the much smaller 20 million figure for an unnamed competing desktop OS—most certainly a reference to Apple's Mac sales.

Xbox, Bing, and Windows 8 were also discussed although a majority of the presentation was on Windows 7. A run through was given on Windows 8, but did not reveal anything new except that more details for the new platform will be announced at the upcoming BUILD conference.

Additionally, Ballmer admitted to dismal sales of their Windows Phone 7 devices. On their transition from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7, Ballmer comically shouted "we've gone from very small to very small, but it's been a hell of a year." Although no specific numbers were given, it was said that the company has sold "millions of phones."

[via TNW]