Microsoft tosses source code for MS-DOS and Word for Windows online

Microsoft has been in the computer software realm just about, as long as computers have been on the consumer market. Back in the early days of computing, before Windows, Microsoft had an operating system called MS-DOS. Many people will be familiar with MS-DOS but may have never used it.

Microsoft is offering users a chance to try out MS-DOS at no cost. The software giant has announced that it is offering up the source code for DOS and another of its popular early programs to the internet world for free. The other early program that Microsoft is offering source code for is Word for Windows.

Microsoft's Roy Levin says that the source code is being offered online at no cost with the help of the Computer History Museum. This is the first time the source code for either of these programs has been offered to the public. Source code for MS-DOS 1.1 and 2.0 is available.

The source code for Word for Windows 1.1 is also available. Microsoft says that the goal of the program is to let future generations understand the roots of personal computing. I can see where geeky hobbyists will find it interesting to poke around the source code of these programs.