Microsoft targets Samsung in Android patent shakedown

Yesterday I mentioned that Microsoft had signed Wistron up for an Android patent agreement. Wistron was the latest firm to agree to pay Microsoft for patents it holds that relate to devices running the Android operating system. So far, the largest rumored licensing fee paid to Microsoft for the patented tech is HTC's $5 per device. That is nothing compared to what Microsoft is reportedly looking to shake loose from Samsung's pockets.

Apparently, Microsoft is looking to get $15 per device from Samsung for each Android product it sells. Samsung makes a massive number of handsets too. Analysts predict that Samsung built 19 million mobile phones in the last quarter alone and many of those would be smartphones running Android. Reuters reports that Samsung might trim that licensing fee down to $10 per device.

That would be based on agreements to build more Windows Phone 7 smartphones. The source of the report is cited as Maeil Business Newspaper according to Reuters. The amount of money Microsoft could make off Samsung is staggering. The Galaxy S II alone sold 3 million units alone since April and would have earned Microsoft in the area of $30 million.

[via Android Community]