Microsoft Surface Touch Covers already experiencing issues

Microsoft's latest product, the Surface tablet running Windows RT, might be generating a lot of hype, but early adopters are already noticing some issues with the tablet and its accessories. Specifically, some users are witnessing the edges of the Touch Cover splitting to expose the wires just days after having begun using it.

A number of users are reporting the problem on the Microsoft Surface Forums, and the issue has also been witnessed by writers and developers alike. The interesting aspect about the issue, is that all reports seem to be identical of one another: The cover starts to split at its seam where it would magnetically attach to the tablet.

Microsoft has not made an official statement about the issue, but users have been told to return their faulty Touch Covers to Microsoft for a replacement, including at Microsoft Stores where the company has been swapping faulty covers for users at no charge. Obviously, we're not sure how many users have been affected.

It's also unclear whether the issue is due to just a faulty batch of Surface tablets, or if it's more widespread and affects every unit eventually the more the user handles the device. However, users in both the US and UK have reported the problem, so that may suggest that it's not isolated to just a single faulty batch.

[via The Guardian]