Microsoft sued over alleged gender discrimination

Microsoft has been sued over alleged discrimination against women. The lawsuit comes from former worker Katie Moussouris, who served in Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group in Redmond for more than half a decade. According to the lawsuit, Microsoft's female technology professionals are paid less than their male counterparts, among other issues.

Moussouris spent seven years at Microsoft before leaving last year to serve as Chief Policy Officer at HackerOne, a startup that works with tech companies. According to the lawsuit, Microsoft also promotes male tech workers more often than equally qualified female workers, and tends to rate female workers' performance as lower than male workers.

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that sexual harassment took place against female workers via the man who was directing the Trustworthy Computing Group in 2008. Allegedly when a company investigation found this to be true, Microsoft allowed this individual to retain his "title and influence," and simply reassigned him to a different part of the group.

In a statement to the folks at Business Insider, Microsoft said:

We're committed to a diverse workforce, and to a workplace where all employees have the chance to succeed. We've previously reviewed the plaintiff's allegations about her specific experience and did not find anything to substantiate those claims, and we will carefully review this new complaint.

VIA: Business Insider