Microsoft starts publishing Windows Phone apps again

Microsoft temporarily stopped publishing apps for its Windows Phone Marketplace recently after issues with some of its certificates led to problems for some Windows Phone users. The reason Microsoft temporarily stopped publishing apps was that a glitch with digital certificates used to sign apps led to some applications not installing properly. The good news was that the glitch was on the part of Microsoft so the issue wasn't on user's phones.

The issue only affected users who had Windows Phone smartphones that were upgraded to version 7.5 the operating system. Phones that came with Mango installed were fine. Microsoft has now announced that it has fixed the digital certificate issue and has resumed publishing new apps. The software giant says that it will take a day or two for the repair to deploy completely and newly published apps will begin appearing in the Marketplace again.

In addition to the original issue only affecting users who had upgraded their smartphones to Windows Phone Mango, the issue only applied to apps published over a few days. Microsoft still recommends that users don't uninstall apps that are having problems updating or installing because the app might not be available for download again for a few days.

Microsoft also notes that apps that were in the process of being published when the issue was discovered will automatically have the fix applied. The developers don't need to do anything. Windows Phone users who have been plagued with problems to update apps that refused to update will be glad when this issue is over.

[via Windows Team Blog]