Microsoft 'Smart Glass' app tipped for E3

Apparently Microsoft is working on a brand new app for the Xbox 360 called, or at least code-named "Smart Glass." If visions of Google's Project Glass start dancing in your head, shake them away because this is nothing like the ambitious augmented reality program over at Mountain View. In fact, we're a bit confused as to how the name actually ties into the new service.

According to media reports of a behind-closed-doors Microsoft event that happened late last week, Smart Glass will allow users to beam content on their smartphones or tablets directly to their TV, through the Xbox 360. It's being compared to Apple's AirPlay platform. As such, it doesn't sound like there is anything incredibly groundbreaking here, other than the fact that Microsoft once again wants to prove the only thing you need to have connected to your TV is an Xbox 360.

Microsoft's challenge at this year's E3 will be to prove to consumers that the Xbox 360 – a console that launched more than a half a decade ago and that still exists in some forms with no external hard drive, built-in WiFi, or HDMI connectivity, and that still relies on outdated DVD media – is still relevant. Luckily, Sony has the same problem so we'll see how both companies manage to prove such a point to consumers.

[via Examiner]