Microsoft simplified Azure for Developers with 'Azure App Service'

Today, Microsoft is announcing Azure App Service, which brings together a few of their Azure services under one umbrella offering. Now, Azure Websites, Azure Mobile Services, and Azure BizTalk Services will simply be known as Azure App Service, with one central location in the cloud. The aim is to make using Azure easier for Developers, who can now look to one central spot for all their deployment needs. It also satisfies Microsoft's 'write once and deploy everywhere' goal of late.

With Azure App Service, Developers can still build and distribute web and mobile apps, but Microsoft is also bringing in two new types of services. Logic Apps allows for automation of processes which need to be executed across "popular consumer and commercial services".

API Apps gives Developers the ability to use existing APIs or create their own, which can then be managed or hosted within Azure.

Developers will also be happy to know Azure App Service is going to cost what Azure Websites does/did. The only difference is more horsepower under the hood with all those new services.

Azure competes with amazon Web Services and Google's Cloud Platform for services, so Microsoft is hoping that making the process simpler for Developers will entice them to use Azure ahead of those more popular options.

Microsoft hasn't announced pricing for this yet, and we're still not being informed on when this might roll out for widespread use.

Source: Microsoft