Microsoft shows off new mouse prototypes

It's hard for me to imagine using a computer without a mouse. I don't even like using a track pad on my notebook for too long before I connect an external mouse. Mice today are all basically the same in design and the technology that is used. Microsoft has unveiled a series of five new mouse prototypes that give hints of what the company sees for the future of the input device.

The five prototypes were unveiled at the UIST conference and combine standard mouse capabilities with multi-touch sensing tech. Microsoft believes that the new prototypes will set a standard for interaction with future computer systems and each prototype exposes a different strategy.

The thing that jumps out about all of the mice is that there are no physical buttons. The surface of the prototypes is apparently all touch sensitive. The only downside I can think if is that of tactile feedback. Who knows when/if we will ever see these mice prototypes make their way into the real world. Check out the gallery below for images of all five devices.