Microsoft says lack of tech workers is reaching a crisis

According to software giant Microsoft, the lack of applicants qualified for high-skill technology jobs is reaching the point of being a "genuine crisis." Microsoft has announced a lobbying push this week in an attempt to produce more applicants with skills to fill thousands of vacant technology and engineering jobs within the company. Microsoft wants to boost the number of visas available for foreign workers with technology skills to fill its vacant positions.

Microsoft also wants the US to invest millions of dollars in a federal funding program for education to produce more skilled American workers for high technology jobs. Microsoft's general counsel and Executive Vice President Brad Smith said the lack of qualified job applicants is "approaching the dimensions of a genuine crisis" for technology companies around the country. According to Smith, Microsoft has 3400 open jobs for researchers, developers, and engineers.

Those positions are difficult to fill, and Smith fears that jobs will begin to migrate to other countries because other countries put a higher property than the US on preparing students for this sort of highly skilled profession. Microsoft wants Congress to pass legislation that would invest hundreds of millions of dollars to improve education within United States in science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

Microsoft also wants the US government to reallocate 20,000 unused green cards for high-skilled immigrants. It would cost an employer about $15,000 to hire an employee under this program. Smith hopes Congress will consider the proposal next year.

[via The Hill]