Microsoft rolls out Windows Embedded 8 Industry Release Preview

Eric Abent - Jan 14, 2013
Microsoft rolls out Windows Embedded 8 Industry Release Preview

After a lot of build-up, today is the day that Microsoft is ready to roll Windows Embedded 8 Industry into its Release Preview. Much like the consumer release of Windows 8 before, it seems that the three different versions of Windows Embedded 8 will be getting previews, with Embedded 8 Industry’s going live today. We first heard of Embedded 8 Industry back in October 2012, when Microsoft announced the new version along with giving us release information for Embedded 8 Standard and Embedded 8 Pro.

A Release Preview for Embedded 8 Standard is going on right now, so Embedded 8 Industry is the second version to get such a preview. With Industry, Microsoft has taken its Embedded POSReady product and expanded it, so this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this software. With this release, however, Microsoft is adding new features to make Industry more appealing to those outside the POS realm, such as the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

With Embedded 8 Industry, some of the major draws of course include multi-touch and gesture functionality along with Windows 8 apps Microsoft is also offering an “Advance Lockdown feature” that aims to ensure the experience offered by devices is consistent, while users can also connect Embedded 8 Industry to onsite servers or the cloud to store and retrieve business information. Finally, Microsoft has attempted to streamline the development process so that building an OS will ultimately take less time.

If you’re interested, you can pick up the Windows Embedded 8 Industry Release Preview from Microsoft’s site. All three versions of Windows Embedded 8 are set to launch sometime in the first half of 2013, but aside from that window (which we’ve had since October 2012), we don’t know any more specifics. Keep it here with SlashGear and we’ll let you know when Microsoft announces a more solid release date for the Embedded line up.

[via Microsoft]

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