Microsoft rolls out "I'm a PC" kiosks outside Apple stores

Microsoft has really ramped up their advertising efforts as of late with their "I'm a PC" ads, but now they're taking it one step further by placing kiosks outside of Apple stores.

We've all heard about the $300 million Microsoft is spending on advertising lately. It started with the Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates ads that really just didn't go over too well, because they were, well, odd. Those ads were put on hold and then the "I'm a PC" ads started showing up. These ads showed people from all walks of life saying, "I'm a PC" to counteract Apple's image of the PC, played by John Hodgman.

But then Apple struck back with ads making fun of Microsoft spending so much on ads! And not to be one-upped, Microsoft is now placing recording booths outside of Apple stores. People can use the booths to record their own "I'm a PC" videos. There is currently a booth outside of an Apple store in England, equipped with Microsoft employees set on converting Apple patrons.