Microsoft reports that 24% of all PCs are unprotected

Many of you are probably sporting some kind of anti-malware software on your computer, whether it'd Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc. However, it turns out that almost a quarter of all PCs in the world are unprotected, leaving them wide open for all kinds of havoc that no one really wants lurking around.

According to Microsoft's latest Security Intelligence Report, 24% of all PCs are absent of any kind of anti-malware software. Microsoft says that unprotected computers are 5.5 times more likely to catch a virus than computers that have anti-malware software installed. However, it seems some users are willing to take the risk.

According to the report, the country who has the most unprotected computers roaming around is Egypt, with a whopping 40% of unprotected PCs laying around, with India coming in second at 30%, and Russia with 29%. The US comes in at 26%, with the UK at 21%, which ties for the lowest percentage along with Brazil and Australia.

However, Microsoft notes that the reason for unprotected PCs may not just be about laziness on the users' part, but they simply may not be well-informed on the importance of having anti-virus software on their computer. There's also other contributing factors, like free trials expiring without notice, or a virus itself disabling your anti-virus software.