Microsoft projects Windows Mobile sales at 20 million for 2008

More phone makers seem to be turning to the Windows Mobile platform these days as their OS of choice. Roughly 10 million such phones are currently in use by customers today.

However, Microsoft is rather hopeful in their estimate for the number of phones to be sold next year running the Windows Mobile platform. They estimate that they will sell 20 million Windows Mobile licenses during their next fiscal year, which begins July 1st.

This is an interesting number because Steve Ballmer claims that the iPhone will only hit 2-3% of the market, while the Windows Mobile platform will reach 60-80 percent of smartphone users. Apple is aiming to sell 8 million units in 2008, while Microsoft plans to sell 20 million units. Is it just me, or do those numbers not add up?

Microsoft to ship 20 million Windows Mobile units in 2008 [via boygenius]