Microsoft Project Natal Makes Appearance at D8 Conference, Looks Final

With E3 so close, and the official release date of the motion-controlled Project Natal almost confirmed, there shouldn't be a doubt in anyone's mind that Microsoft has indeed got some final builds of the new hardware running around. But, it's probably a surprise to everyone that it would just show up without any warning on the stage of D8 today. Consider us surprised.

Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg got some time to play around with the new hardware from Microsoft, and while they didn't let anyone else on stage to play around with it, the fine folks over at Engadget managed to wrangle up several photos of what looks like the final build of the peripheral. Although, it does say "developer unit" on it, but we imagine that's just a necessity. And, it probably did come from a developer, somewhere.

Our big question revolves around the color choice. While the white plastic shell is synonymous with the Xbox 360, the black Elite version is pretty common place now a days. Will there be two versions, two color schemes of the motion-based accessory? Only time will tell. Not too much longer to wait, though, thankfully.

[via Engadget]