Microsoft posts $20.5 billion revenue in Q3 2013 earnings

Microsoft has just reported its fiscal Q3 2013 quarterly earnings, and things are looking adequate for the company, which reports a revenue of $20.5 billion for the quarter, with a net income of $6.06 billion. The company also posted an operating income of $7.61 billion, which is up from $6.37 billion during this time last year.

Analysts had predicted Microsoft's revenue to be $20.5 billion, and they were right on the money. The company's revenue last quarter was $21.46 billion, so they didn't do as well this quarter, but a positive income in the black is always a good thing. Microsoft's Windows division did fairly well this quarter, bringing in $5.7 billion, compared to last year's $4.3 billion.

The company's Business division raked in $6.32 billion, while they're Entertainment division brought in $2.53 billion. All three of these divisions saw a revenue increase compared to this time last year. CEO Steve Ballmer says that the company's big bets were on "cloud services," and he says those bets are paying off big time.

Overall, year-over-year changes were all in the positives, with Microsoft's Entertainment division seeing the biggest increase of 56%. Along with today's quarterly earnings, Microsoft announced that Peter Klein, who served as the company's CFO for four years, is stepping down from the role. He spent 11 years at Microsoft.