Microsoft Paint for Windows 10 revealed in leaked video

Microsoft Paint, the classic drawing app that almost every Windows user has played with at least once over the years, appears to finally be getting a major overhaul and redesign for modern Windows 10 platforms. A couple of official videos have been discovered online, presented as introductions and demonstrations to the Paint app, and the Windows 10 UI and touchscreen functionality are presented clearly.

The app is shown being used with a stylus on what is probably a surface tablet, and the videos mention that all the classic tools — like preset shapes, color selection, and text placement — are present, but the big new addition is support for creating 3D objects. For example, in the first video below, the user draws a simple outline of a fish, and with a simple selection turns it into a floating 3D object that can be freely edited.

The video also highlight that the new Paint will include a range of 3D-compatible brushes, stickers, 2D images, and community tools. The ease with which 3D content is both created and manipulated highlights that Paint can be used for advanced graphic editing, as opposed to just simple drawing and coloring.

Even more impressive is the fact that despite these new tools and abilities, the new Paint is sure to be part of a free update to Windows 10, possibly as an individual download from the Windows Store. We've known the app has been in the works for some time now, but it's never been clear when it would launch.

The fact that Microsoft has an event scheduled for later this month, where it's expected to debut new Surface hardware, combined with the introduction style of the leaked videos means it's almost guaranteed that the new Paint app will be announced in a few weeks.

SOURCE Softpedia