Microsoft Outlook has a new Trello-like calendar board view

Microsoft has announced a new update for Outlook that adds a handy Trello-like board view for the calendar feature. With this new mode, users can view their daily, weekly, and monthly schedules in a clean board view intended to help users 'organize, manage and track' their data, according to Microsoft.

The new board view is available for Outlook on the web, enabling users to customize and expand their agenda in a primarily visual way. The tool offers access to multiple calendars, as well as one's tasks and goals, reminders, lists, sticky notes, and files.

Microsoft notes that Outlook users are free to create their own boards, ones that include calendars and the other aforementioned details like sticky notes. All of the content can be managed from the same board view interface — and the comparisons with board-based app Trello are hard to ignore.

While the board view is only available to Outlook users on the web right now, Microsoft plans to make it available to Outlook users who have education and commercial licenses, as well. There's no provided timeline for when that expanded availability will arrive aside from 'soon,' however.

In addition, Microsoft has updated its Outlook for mobile product with support for scheduling meetings. The new functionality allows users to set a timeframe and preferred duration for the meetings, after which point the tool will suggest the ideal times for everyone who will participate based on their own calendar schedules. As well, the tool can be used to reschedule other commitments when a meeting would otherwise interfere.