Microsoft Office 15 video: "it goes where you go"

If Microsoft's latest official video for the newest edition of Office is anything to go by, the software giant's main focal point in this installment is portability. It's a very stylized video that symbolizes having your Office documents with you at home, on the road, on the train, in rural America...anywhere on the planet. In other words, the wonderful world of Office is ready to marry the cloud.

"It's your office. It goes wherever you go. When you sign into Office, it's easy to keep your documents safely online. That way, they travel with you, to all your devices. So it's easy to pick up where you left off. And all your work is there when you need it. Your Office is ready," the video voice-over says during the duration of the video. "Signing into Office" seems like a pretty foreign concept to anyone who has used the standard version of Microsoft's software for any period of time.

But rivals like Google Docs have shown that it isn't enough to just be able to have a good office application on your desktop, or at your cubicle in the office. They need to be available any time, anywhere. There are no doubt tons of people who like Office better than Google Docs, but use the latter because it simply has the ease of access that Office documents simply don't. It looks like that will change with Office 15, so look out.