Microsoft now accepting iPhones in addition to iPad trade-in promotion

On September 12, Microsoft kicked off an iPad trade-in promotion, allowing Apple customers to swap their tablet for a gift card worth a minimum of $200. Fast-forward two weeks, and Microsoft is now offering the same promotion to iPhone owners, offering a minimum of $200 for those with devices that meet the gently-used trade-in requirement.

The promotion is good for those who own an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 5 — earlier versions need not apply, so to speak. If the device is gently used, the owner will receive a minimum $200 gift card in exchange, with the rate possibly being higher, though Microsoft doesn't go into detail about the various stipulations that could affect the rate. The gift card, obviously, is valid for Microsoft Store purchases.

This is the same promotion being offered to iPad owners, who can turn in an iPad 2, iPad 3, or iPad 4 in exchange for a gift card under the same rate structure. Likewise, what criteria gets higher rates isn't specified. If possible when trading in either device, Microsoft requests the power cord be included, and the password must be removed before it'll be accepted. The promotion is being held in both the US and Canada.

While the iPad trade-in promotion ends on October 27, the iPhone trade-in promotion will last a bit longer (no doubt due to launching later), expiring on November 3 instead. The motion seems to be an effort to get Microsoft's devices into consumers' hands, with both promotions encouraging Apple buyers to swap their tablet for a Surface slate and their iPhone for a Windows Phone device. Regardless, the gift cards can be used for other items as well.

VIA: The Register