Microsoft may let you stream PC games to your Xbox One

When Microsoft released their big update for the Xbox One last month, it opened a lot of doors for the console. Some of the big features we saw as a result were backwards compatibility, and the ability to stream games from the console to a PC. Of course, as soon as that was announced, people were clamoring to use their Xbox One to stream PC games. Well, Microsoft has definitely been listening.

While the company hasn't come right out and said that they plan on supporting the feature, a recent Xbox Live Rewards Survey spelled it out pretty clearly. The survey asked how excited people were about new features. The second question was how excited you are about the ability to "play PC games on your Xbox One, enhanced with graphics and dashboards."

If this is true, then Microsoft may finally have the living room PC that they've been trying to make for years. It will also put them in a position to compete with both Valve and NVIDIA, as both companies make their own devices to stream games to a PC.

It's possible that whoever wrote up the survey simply wrote it backwards. After all, the latest update did bring the ability to stream Xbox One games to a PC. Here's hoping that's not what happened.

VIA: Reddit