Microsoft makes Games for Windows Live a free service

When Microsoft released their Games for Windows Live service, it wasn't exactly well-received. It definitely wasn't nearly as popular as the Live service for the Xbox 360. As such, Microsoft officially announced that the service (only the Windows version) will now be completely free to use.

Essentially Games for Windows Live is the PC allows you to play games not only with other PC users, but with those playing on their 360. While that seems like a great idea, there are a limited number of titles that take advantage of this, which didn't make it a very good value. Toss in competition from the likes of Steam, and it only makes sense for it to be free.

With the PC's Live service now free, and Sony finally getting in-game XMB working on the PS3, will Microsoft consider dropping the monthly (or yearly) fee for the 360's Live service? I honestly think that it's only a matter of time. Granted, I wouldn't expect to see something like this for another year or so, but I don't doubt that it will happen eventually.

[via Xbox360 Fanboy]