Microsoft Lumia 650 packs Windows 10 and 5-inch OLED screen

Microsoft has announced a new smartphone that will run Windows 10 and is designed to appeal to shoppers on a budget. The smartphone is called the Lumia 650 and will be offered in matte black or matte white colors. The rollout for the new smartphone is set to start in Europe on February 18 with no word on when the device might launch in the US.

Pricing for the new smartphone is set at $199 before local taxes and subsidies. The device promises high levels of craftsmanship and uses a 5-inch OLED screen that offers deep blacks and bright colors. The frame of the smartphone is polished, diamond cut, and anodized aluminum. The battery is removable and the Lumia 650 has expandable storage via memory cards.

The thin device has a 6.5mm profile and tips the scales at 122 grams. The front camera is a 5MP wide-angle unit and the rear camera is an 8MP unit that supports rich capture and living images. Since the Lumia 650 runs Windows 10, the smartphone will run Microsoft Office apps and can sync to OneDrive.

Cortana is integrated to provide a virtual assistant and the phone can run Universal Windows Applications. Business users with sensitive data on their device will be glad to hear that the Lumia 650 supports device encryption and device wipe. Microsoft is mum on a few of the hard specs for the phone like internal storage and exactly what processor is under the hood. Check out the video below for more details on the Lumia 650, Microsoft says the device is designed to balance work and personal needs in one device.