Microsoft loses key Windows Phone employee to Amazon

The man who was in charge of getting new apps and content on the Windows Phone Marketplace has left Microsoft to pursure a similar occupation at Amazon. Brandon Watson apparently feels that the online bookseller-turned-behemoth has a brighter future. Or they offered him more money. Or both. Either way, it's definitely a setback for Microsoft.

For most people, landing an executive position at Microsoft would be the pinnacle of their career. Watson's new position at Amazon is working on Kindle apps, so it is almost exactly the same line of work, though now for what was one of his biggest competitors. It leaves a question mark about Microsoft's future in the mobile space, though not a black hole. The software giant has actually done a formidable job at building the Windows Phone brand.

It got a much-needed boost from Nokia, which recently launched its Lumia 710 smartphone in the US. At $50, the Lumia 710 is seen as a great entry-level smartphone. But alas, selling Windows Phone as the "cheap" option is only driving a bigger wedge when it comes to the smartphone aficianados who simply don't believe there's a need for a third player in an iOS and Android duel. For Watson, that battle won't be an issue anymore.

[via SFGate]