Microsoft knows about the Vista BIOS hack

So you've decided that you want to take Windows Vista for an extended test run without forking over any dough to Microsoft. Chances are, if you're decided to do this, you've probably done your research and found a cool BIOS hack. It tricks Windows into thinking your PC came directly from an OEM like Asus or HP and that the Vista license must be valid. Microsoft has officially stated that they know about this latest hack. You'll be shocked to find out just what they plan to do about it.

Pretty much nothing. Yup, they don't see it as a threat. In fact, if you're one that has taken it upon yourself to carry out this hack, you just earned yourself the title of 'mad scientist.' Now I don't know which is cooler, being a pirate, or a mad scientist. I guess now you can be both.

We don't promote illegal activity here at Slashgear, but I think Microsoft just opened themselves up with this. Once people start catching wind that they're turning their heads on this one, people are going to be pirating more than ever. Then again that could work to Microsoft's advantage, it would actually get people to switch to Vista. Now if they could get people this excited about paying for Vista, that would be an achievement.

Microsoft Confirms Effectiveness of Windows Vista OEM Hack [via dailytech]