Microsoft Kinect Could Connect with Windows Phone 7 Some Day

One of the most exciting things about Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 7, is its ability to integrate so heavily with Xbox LIVE. The fact that you can access not only your full-featured Avatar, but also your friends is pretty neat. But, it gets even better when you look at Achievements, Xbox LIVE titles, and the ability to play them on your phone, and then continue them on your console, and vice versa, whenever you want (as long as the game's supported on both platforms, of course). But, does Kinect fit into all of this? According to Kudo Tsunoda, it certainly may.

Kinect and Windows Phone 7 are the new kids on the block for Microsoft, so it would make a lot of sense if the two were to have some kind of connection. Unfortunately, we don't have Tusnoda saying, "Yes, you will be able to do this," or anything, but as far as "hints" go, this is a pretty big one. Speaking with Pocket-Lint, Tsunoda opened up a little bit on Kinect, and its ability to function in other devices. He says that you could integrate the technology with a multitude of devices, whether it be a phone or a PC. That's interesting in of itself, but it gets a bit tastier when Tsunoda answers a question directly about Kinect and Windows Phone 7 connecting in the future.

"It's all stuff that you could work into phones as well, if you wanted to. If like you worked at a company that did stuff with phones and PCs, then maybe something like that would be possible."

It may not be an out-right announcement that something like that is going to happen, but let's face it — Microsoft is a company that works on phones and PCs. So, is this a way of telling us that something's coming, without telling us something is coming? The possibilities seem to be endless. Will we see something like this by the end of the year? Probably not. But then again, that would be a pretty big card Microsoft would be hiding up their sleeve, just to blow everyone's mind. Here's to hoping.

[via Pocket-Lint]