Microsoft is looking into compensation for Xbox Live outages

If you're an Xbox One owner, you've probably not been to happy with Microsoft these past couple of weeks. Outages have been a pretty common occurrence, and communication from Microsoft about the issues hasn't exactly been the best. So what is Microsoft doing to make it up to gamers? Well, at least one member of the team is working on it.

Microsoft's Major Nelson is more or less the peoples' representative at Microsoft. He's the Director of Programming, but he also spends a fair bit of his time communicating directly with gamers about issues and upcoming features. Well, after an outpouring on Reddit, he stopped in on one of the bigger threads on the subject to give gamers a little bit of hope.

The thread was started by someone wanting to get some sort of compensation for roughly two weeks of spotty service. After all, it's not a free service, and when you pay upwards of $60 a year for something, and it doesn't work for a couple of weeks, you're going to get upset. The original poster specified that they (and others) weren't looking for money, just maybe a bit of free Xbox Live Gold, for all of the time where the service was unavailable.

Well, Major Nelson did respond by letting everyone know that he's brought the concerns to some of the more important decision-makers on the Xbox team. While it might not go anywhere, he's promised to sit down one-on-one with the team and discuss some solutions that will make the community happy.

VIA: Reddit