Microsoft improves multi-monitor support in Windows 8

Microsoft has taken to the Building Windows 8 Blog in order to detail multiple monitor support in Windows 8. The company has further improved its support in the operating system thanks to the increasing popularity of multiple monitor setups. Features that Microsoft will be adding include multi-monitor desktop backgrounds, panoramic pictures spanning multiple monitors, a multi-monitor taskbar, and the ability to launch Metro apps on any display.

In the extensive blog post, Microsoft goes into detail about how personalization was a big focus for them with WIndows 8. They'll be adding the ability to use different desktop background images across multiple monitors so you'll always have a bit of variety. Not only that, but you can could also use a single panoramic image across multiple displays, and there's a new panoramic theme in Windows 8.

Microsoft heard feedback regarding multi-monitor taskbars, and will be providing several different options for power users as a result. The default is to show taskbar buttons on all the monitor taskbars, although users have the option to only show buttons where windows are open, or show buttons on the main taskbar and where windows are open.

Metro apps will be able to be opened and moved to any available display, using the Start menu, keyboard shortcuts, or by dragging and dropping apps. Finally, Microsoft has tweaked the mouse targeting for shared edges between monitors, reducing overshoots and accidental clicks. Corners will appear when you need guidance help, and disappear when you need them to, although they're small and unobtrusive being only 6 pixels in height.

[via The Verge]