Microsoft has sold 670m Windows 7 licenses

Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky is on stage at the company's Windows 8 event talking numbers and statistics of Microsoft's various products. So far, a whopping 670 million licenses of Windows 7 have been sold worldwide. That's a huge number considering the operating system came out only three years ago.

Sinofsky mentioned that Windows 7 is the" most widely used and widely praised OS ever," and he was actually the person who came in to rescue Microsoft from Windows Vista, and took over Windows with the Windows 7 launch. He essentially cleaned up the mess that was Windows Vista. Sinofsky also mentioned that Windows 7 has seen the "fastest adoption by businesses ever."

Sinofsky also discussed the company's new SkyDrive cloud storage service. Its users are storing over 11 million photos on SkyDrive, and there's a total of 14 petabytes of data currently in SkyDrive. Plus, users are adding more and more data at a rate of two petabytes per month. That's a lot of photos, videos, and documents!

Sinofsky then moved on to Windows 8, where he said that the company has seen 16 million installations of pre-release builds of Windows 8. He also mentions that Windows 8 was probably the most-tested beta ever, saying that 1.24 billion hours of extensive public testing was put in, and it spanned across 190 countries around the world.