Microsoft Hardware Doesn't Want You to be so Touchy, Teases New Product

When it comes to Twitter, sometimes simpler is better. And that's exactly what Microsoft's Hardware division is doing. Using the micro-blogging service to tease their followers of some new, impending piece of hardware, they've piqued the interest of everyone who'd be interested in something "flat." There's no other clue than that, and the image that you see here, but from the looks of it, it would seem that Microsoft's got a new peripheral on the way.

We could speculate all day, and with an image like the one here, it could really be anything. But, the fact that it's coming from the Hardware division means that it's probably more along the lines of an accessory, and not some major product release (like a tablet?). The best-case guess at this point is a Magic Trackpad competitor. With a tweet like, "Don't be so touchy...flat is where it's at," really the options are pretty straight-forward. But then again, if we're not supposed to be so touchy, what else are we supposed to do with this thing? Wave our hands over it? Let us know in the comments what you think it is. But,

[via @msfthardware]